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Welcome Workperch into the World!



Welcome to the workperch blog. Feel free to perch for a while with us as we build the site for you. A few details about the project as you wait:

-Workperch was built over a single weekend in November, 2007. We were born as a result of Startup Weekend Chapel Hill.

-Workperch aims to connect entrepreneurs and others in need of short-term office space with office space in their area.

-If you have ever been in a city and needed to find a space where you could work for a few hours or give a presentation and wanted affordable space to do so, this service is for you.

-If you have an office space that is currently going unused and would like to make it available to potential “perchers” for a profit, this is the service for you.

-We aim to connect businesspeople with other businesspeople to the benefit of both parties! Join us as we prepare for launch on Sunday, November 4, 2007